Auction FAQs

Where do the auction items come from?

The auction items come from a variety of sources such as: estates, households where people move, downsizing households and people buying new and want to sell their items that are still in good condition.

How are items sold?

Items can be sold in numerous ways: an individual item, as a set, choice, box lot or a whole skid of items. How the item is auctioned off will be stated before the the item is sold. 

What payment do you take at the auction?

We accept cash, check (with proper ID), debit card, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

How do I bid?

You'll need to register and get a bid card. When you agree with the price that auctioneer is saying, you raise/wave your bid card until someone catches your bid.  

Auction Lingo


Multiple items for sale and the highest bidder takes as many deals as that want. Total cost is the number of items times highest bid.

Times the money:

A matching set of washer & dryer is on the auction block, the highest bid is for one item but you have to take both. If the winning bid is $300, then the total will be $600 for the set.

Another example would be four bar stools on the auction block. The bid is for one, but you have to take all four. So if the winning bid is $25, the total would be $100 for all four bar stools.

Bringing items to the Auction


We accept items Monday-Wednesday and Friday from 8 AM to 5:00 PM.   

We reserve the right to not accept items that will not sell. Clothes and remnants of yard sales are items that we will not take.   Items that are difficult to sell: 

-water beds 

-old doors and windows 

-gas appliances 

-older upholstery goods

- office desks (not roll top)